Mont Alpi

Sosaties (Kabobs)

Sosatie & Sauce - Chicken & Apricot Kabobs with Thandi Sauce

These delicious kabobs are great for a lazy Sunday lunch or as finger food at a BBQ Picnic. They also pair very well with beef, pork or lamb for a different meat option.


Feed 2 pieces of chicken onto the kabob sticks followed by 1 apricot, a couple of onions and another apricot. Continue this pattern until the sticks are well packed.


Make the thandi sauce

Put all the sauce ingredients into a pot and heat gently on the side burner of your Mont Alpi grill. Once the sauce thickens and becomes sticky it is ready, take it off the heat. 

Any left over sauce can be saved in a mason jar for up to a week in the refridgerator

to cook

Put your olive oil into a baking tray and roll kabobs around until evenly coated, sprinkle with coarse salt. Place the kabobs onto your Mont Alpi Grill once it is hot. Turn the kabobs regularly. Once the chicken is sealed turn the heat down to low to allow the chicken to cook through slowly.


Once cooked remove the kabobs from the heat. Pour the sauce into a flat dish and coat the kabobs. Return to the heat for a couple of minutes to crisp and heat the sauce. Ready to serve!


Our serving suggestion is to pair these delicious sosaties with a kale and orange salad (found in the off the grill recipes section) and three color baby potatoes (found in the side dishes recipes). The perfect BBQ meal is ready!

chicken and apricot kabobs1.jpg